Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who are you?

I'm Tom, a lifelong New Yorker who loves local, small businesses and good food. During many years abroad, keeping up a map of recommended bars and restaurants was a way for me to keep in touch with NYC - and now that I'm back, I've decided to share my map with the world in the hopes of spreading the word about, and getting some money spent at, local businesses.

Where do you get your recommendations from?

I use a number of different print sources (Eater, the NY Times, NY Mag, Thrillist) but I try to rely as much as possible on recommendations from locals gotten from friends and contacts or from r/nyc and r/asknyc on Reddit.

Have you gone to every restaurant on the map? 

No, but I sure would like to! If you want to help with that, I might set up a patreon or something in the future.

Hey, you should put my favorite restaurant on here!

That's not a question, but I appreciate the tip. Please tell me about it here.

I want to submit a review of my favorite restaurant!

Again, not a question. But I'd love it if you did! Email it to

Why is "restaurant/bar I dislike" on here? That place blows!

Because someone disagrees with you. Don't get angry. Use your words. Tell me why it's bad at

I found a restaurant with a messed up description, what's up with that?

Whoops, long story behind that. Please tell me about it at (you guessed it)

Boy, your website looks like crap.